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Julie Kicklighter, known as Kick by her friends and colleagues, grew up in the South with two older brothers in a family of athletes and sports enthusiasts. She followed the family tradition in her own way by becoming a cheerleader at Georgia Southern University where she was the cheerleader captain for the six time NCAA 1-AA football national champions. She went on to become a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (MDC) and was awarded 2005 Rookie of the Year by the organization for a stand out season that included performing stand-up comedy at NFL Draft Day, Miami Dolphins Fan Fest, and for the U.S. Military while on tour overseas with the Armed Forces Entertainment Group. Read more about Julie >>

Children’s Book Collection

F is for Football
From Football to Baseball, Julie’s beautifully illustrated books are imaginative and fun!
Baseball in the Bedroom
An All-Star Team: The Miami Marlins & Julie Kicklighter KickÔÇôStart Vision & Values

Well gang, the metaphorical half-way point of the baseball season is upon us. Terrific time to reflect upon all of the actions & emotions of our National Pastime. What a season! Derek Jeter's fare... Read More

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